El Kontrol - Beginning
ISO 14001:2004

Hyper Link EL KONTROL EOOD aims to please the clients with maximal benefit from the investments they make, offering the latest high-tech products and services in full conformity with the regulations on environmental protection. In order to fulfill the requirements of the standard dedicated to Planet’s sustainable development, EL KONTROL EOOD was certified with environmental management system on 07 June 2010 according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard and has a valid certificate No 75 110 0017 issued by TüV Rheinland Bulgaria.

Company’s top management pays special attention to the processes, materials and products used which gives clients guarantees that the organization is acquainted and observes all legal requirements on environmental protection. All organizational levels are engaged with set goals, expected results and delegated responsibilities. The aims in the field of environmental protection are focused on constant improvement in the Environmental management system.
ISO 9001:2008

Hyper Link A main priority for EL KONTROL’s management is to ensure and raise the quality of the services performed and to content our clients’ requirements. The management of Company is open-sided towards the new trends in the industry emerging as a result of the high demands of the modern world. With regards to this pursuit since 2003 the Company has achieved and keeps valid accreditation to the international Quality Standard EN ISO 9001:2000 proven by Certificate No. 75-100-6496 issued by TÜV Rheinland Inter Cert. Since 2009 EL KONTROL have accreditation according to ISO 9001:2008.

Introducing of a Quality management system ensures co-ordination and effectiveness of the processes in the company. Tracked out and controlled are the stages of the production cycle. This way of work organization along with the motivation of the personnel accents to the higher quality of services and wins recognition for EL KONTROL on the competitive market.
OHSAS 18001:2007

Hyper Link The Power Construction branch is characterized by activities, bearing enhanced risk for the safety and health of the workers involved. The management of EL KONTROL is fully aware of this risk, that is why the company pays prior attention to the health and safety protection of its employees. In response to this policy, in 2008 EL KONTROL developed and introduced an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in conformity with standard OHSAS 18001:1999. In 2009 EL KONTROL renewed his accreditation according to OHSAS 18001:2007 with Certificate No. TRBA 113 0067.

The operation of such a system ensures knowing and applying all statutory regulations and standards, connected with the performed work processes as well as continuous follow-up and management of these processes. The main aim which the company has set up in regards to OHSAS is to ensure safe labour conditions, without any risk for the workers.
Official registration and membership in the Central Professional Register of Builders and the Bulgarian Construction Chamber

Hyper Link In February 2008 EL KONTROL became a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and was entered in the Central Professional Register of Builders.

The official registration and membership at the Bulgarian Construction Chamber was a step, undertaken by EL KONTROL in execution of the provisions of the Bulgarian law. Along with this, the certificates for registration and membership awarded are an acknowledgement for the qualification of EL KONTROL as a company, working in the branch of Power Construction.

EL KONTROL is enlisted in the Central Professional Builders' Register with the authorization to implement construction of all five groups (from first to fifth).

Certificate for membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Stara Zagora

Hyper Link EL KONTROL EOOD, Stara Zagora is a direct member of CCI, Stara Zagora on the grounds of Decision of the Executive Council from 24.03.2008. EL KONTROL profits of the rights, stipulated in art. 16 of the Statute of CCI, Stara Zagora.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stara Zagora is an independent association of companies working in Stara Zagora Region. It has been created with the purpose to assist and stimulate its members’ business activity as well as to represent and defend their interests.