El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Delivery of electrical equipment and implementation of electrical works for erection of Karlovo Biomass power plant at Stroevo Village
Contractor: EQTEC BULGARIA EOOD – branch of EQTEC Iberia, Spain

In 2012 near Stroevo Village, Plovdiv District was started erection of biomass processing power plant ‘Karlovo Biomass’. The investment amounts at 20 mill euro, facilities are situated on 20 decare area, with 5 MW total power capacity.

Within this project EL KONTROL is awarded implementation of electrical and construction works for construction of new 20 kV cable line; dismantle of 20 kV OHL; construction of grounding installation; delivery, installation and commissioning of electrical facilities and MV equipment.


  1. Construction of 20 kV cable line: construction works, laying of conduits; delivery, pulling and connection of power cables
  2. Delivery and installation of 7,2 kV and 20 kV Switchgear (SWG)
  3. Dismantle of existing 20 kV OHL and installation of new 20 kV cable line: tracing of cable line, dismantle of concrete pillars, dismantle of steel lattice tower; dismantle of isolator chains, construction of concrete foundation, delivery and erection of pillar, delivery and installation of steel structure, delivery and installation of Al conductor, delivery and installation of straining chains.
  4. Delivery and installation of 5600 kVA, 20/6,3 kV and 1000 kVA, 20/0,4 kV power transformers
  5. Construction of grounding installation
  6. Electrical tests and commissioning of installed equipment.
Date of Assignation: 03.2014
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