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Name of Project: 400/220/110 kV Substation Maritsa-iztok – reconstruction of 110 kV SwitchyardElectricity System Operator EAD
Contractor: Electricity System Operator EAD

Electrical Substation Maritsa-iztok has three distribution Switchyards – 400 kV, 220 kV и 110 kV, and is located in Galabovo Municipality, Stara Zagora District. Rehabilitation of 110 kV Switchyard is set out in the Investment Program of ESO EAD. It is the second Project to be implemented by EL KONTROL at this Substation after construction of entire new 400 kV Switchyard in year 2010.

The Project includes design, delivery, implementation and commissioning of the Switchyard. Awarded scope includes dismantle of existing 110 kV equipment and adjacent structures, installation of new circuit breakers, disconnectors, support insulators, current and voltage measuring transformers onto concrete foundations and tables. New gate structures will be erected, so as concrete roads, cable ditches, fence, lighting, earthing and lightning protection installation.

Project includes further laying and connection of power and control cables, manufacturing and installing control-relay cabinets, power supply panels, electro-metering panels, telecommunication panels.
It is foreseen to be done reconfiguration of existing MicroSCADA control system. All the necessary commissioning works will be done and the 110 kV Switchyard will be put under operational use.

Date of Assignation: 01.2016
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