El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Manufacturing, engineering, erection and set-up of cabinets and boards with relay protection for 220кV and 400кV Switchgears of The National Electric Company EAD
Contractor: Contractor: El-Test Ltd., Client: National Electric Company EAD
Description: The Client under this order is the National Electric Company EAD. The Order is a part of the Investment Project of NEC for modernization and rehabilitation of the power transmission system in Bulgaria. It refers to replacement of the existing relay protection with modern digital relay protection produced by SIEMENS, in all 220кV and 400кV switchgears in Southern Bulgaria. EL KONTROL implements replacement of switchboards and power panels with relay protection in 220kV and 400kV Substations of Lot 1 and Lot 3 of NEC in Southern Bulgaria, as following:
Lead in Exploitation: 2007
Finished Activities: BY SUBPROJECTS

▪ 220/110kV Substation Aleko; ▪ 220/110Kv Substation Plovdiv - south;
▪ 400/110kV Substation Bourgas; ▪ 220/110kV Substation Stara Zagora;
▪ 220kV Peshtera WPP; ▪ 220/110kV Substation Uzundjovo;
▪ 220kV Teshel WPP; ▪ 220/110kV Substation Chudomir;
▪ 220/110kV Substation Devin; ▪ 220/110kV Substation Tvardica;
▪ 220/110kV Substation Karnobat; ▪ 400/220/110kV Substation Stolnik;
▪ 220/110kV Substation Maritsa East, Galabovo; ▪ 220/110 kV Substation Boichinovci.
▪ 400/220/110kV Substation at Maritsa East 2 TPP;
▪ 400/220kV Substation at Maritsa East 3 TPP;
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