El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Rehabilitation of 400 kV Outdoor Switchgear in Maritsa East II TPP
Contractor: NEC EAD "Trafoelektroinvest" State Enterprise, Sofia
Description: This order has been awarded to EL KONTROL by NEC EAD "Trafoelektroinvest" State Enterprise, Sofia in May 2005. his project concerns reconstruction of a 400 kV Substation by substitution of existing equipment and refurbishment of Switchgear Eternal Power Supply.
Lead in exploitation: 2005
Finished Activities:
▪ Substitution of 400 kV equipment - (dismantle of existing and installation of new equipment: circuit breakers, knife disconnectors, current transformers, voltage transformers, surge arresters, support insulators);
▪ Laying and connection of control cables;
▪ Control tests and commissioning of the equipment installed;
▪ Rehabilitation of 220 kV DС Switchgear for Eternal power supply in control building of Maritsa East II Switchgear;
▪ Installation of Diesel - generator;
▪ Reconstruction of switchgear 380V АС and 220V DС into a 400 KV switchyard, 220KV switchyard and 110KVswitchyard;
▪ Refurbishment of 380 V АС and 220V DС Switchgear Eternal Power Supply in 400 kV Outdoor Switchgear, 220 kV Outdoor Switchgear and 110 kV Outdoor Switchgear.
Other: The special feature about this order has been the extremely short time-shedule for implementation of the assigned works. The schedule has been strictly observed and the 400 kV Outdoor Switchgear has been put to operational power by the end of 2005.
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