El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: 220/110 kV Substation "Aleko", Pazardzhik - Rehabilitation of 220 kV Outdoor Switchgear
Contractor: NEC EAD "Тrafoelectroinvest" Enterprise, Sofia
Description: The order is assigned to EL KONTROL by NEC EAD "Тrafoelectroinvest" Enterprise, Sofia after the held tender for assignment of a public order. This Project provides for implementation of electrical erection works in a currently operating 220 kV Outdoor Switchgear, in the following way:
Lead in exploitation: 2009
Finished Activities:
▪ Primary commutation - disassembly of air breakers and combined measuring transformers; erection of SF6 circuit breakers, current transformers, voltage transformers;
▪ Secondary commutation;
▪ Disassembly, laying, connection of control and power cables;
▪ Control tests and commissioning of the erected equipment.
Other: A reference has been issued by NEC EAD - Trafoelektroinvest State Enterprise as a proof for the prompt implementation of these orders.
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