El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Rehabilitation of Units 3 and 4 in Maritsa East 3 TPP - scope electrical works
Contractor: Enel Produzione S.p.A - Branch Bulgaria
Description: After implementation of electrical installation works for rehabilitation of Units 2 and 1 in Maritsa East 3 TPP, EL KONTROL has proven its good reputation with Enel Produzione S.p.A - Branch Bulgaria as a result of which in 2007 a new contract was signed between the two companies for implementation of scope electrical works for Rehabilitation of Units 3 and 4 of the Power Plant. The Contract covers the following electrical installation works:
Lead in exploitation: 2009
Finished Activities:
▪ Disassembly of existing equipment - transformers, switchgears, LV and MV cables, switchboards, cable trays, metal structures, bus-bar system;
▪ Erection of new equipment - laying and connection of LV and MV cables, switchboards, circuit breakers, cable trays and pipes, grounding system;
▪ Rehabilitation of MV equipment;
▪ Disassembly and erection works for 220кV equipment;
▪ Erection and refurbishment of cable racks;
▪ Erection of lighting and socket system;
▪ Manufacturing, supply and erection of switchboards: power distribution switchboards, direct current and local control switchboards;
▪ Control tests and commissioning of electrical equipment.
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