El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Electrical erection of Stacker / Reclaimer as part of the coal and limestone handling system at Maritsa East 1 TPP
Contractor: Sandvik Bulgaria EOOD
Description: The order includes electrical scope for erection of Stacker/Reclaimer 1 and 2 servicing coal storage of the Coal Handling System at Maritsa East 1 TPP. The assigned works are the following:
Lead in exploitation: 2009
Finished Activities:
▪ Erection of cable supporting systems;
▪ Laying and connection of power and control cables;
▪ Installation of container-substation;
▪ Erection of earthing instsllstion;
▪ Installation of video surveillance system;
▪ Installation of control system;
▪ Commissioning works;
▪ Preparation of executive documentation.
Other: A reference has been issued by Sandvik Bulgaria EOOD as a proof for the prompt implementation of these orders.
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