El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Design, erection and commissioning of C&I and electrical equipment in Coal Handling Plant, Enel Maritsa East 3 TPP
Contractor: Enel Maritsa East 3 AD
Description: In December 2007 having won a competition for the public order, EL KONTROL was awarded an agreement for Refurbishment of Coal Handling Plant at Enel Maritsa East 3 TPP. The order includes electrical works and C&I works:
Lead in exploitation: 2009
Finished Activities:
▪ Replacement of 6,3 кV Switchgear, supply and erection of electrical equipment;
▪ Replacement of 0,4 кV Switchgear;
▪ Replacement of MV transformers;
▪ Construction of grounding installation and connection of erected equipment to it;
▪ Laying and connection of cables 6,3 kV and 0,4 kV;
▪ Rehabilitation of the available cable trays and erection of new ones;
▪ Erection of safety system for belt conveyors with emergency ropes;
▪ Supply, erection and wiring of speed controller and deviation controller of belt conveyor and ultrasonic sensors for product level control.
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