El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Construction and electrical installation works for erection of Dushantsi Photovoltaic Park
Contractor: Efacec Engenharia S.A. Branch Bulgaria
Description: Dushantsi Photovoltaic Park has 500 kW nominal capacity, and covers 10 decare area located on the land of Pirdop, Sofia Region. Its erection started in April 2012.
Lead in exploitation: 06.2012
Finished Activities:

Electrical scope:

  • Cabling and connection of PV modules and DC Panels
  • Elaboration of external connection to the 20kV main grid
  • Installation and connection of Distribution Switchboards
  • Supply and installation of power communication cables
  • Installation of measuring devices
  • Erection of earthing installation and lightning-protection installation
  • Commissioning works

Construction scope:

  • Construction of cable trenches
  • Erection of fences
  • Erection of concrete foundations for steel structure columns
  • Erection of auxiliary concrete platforms
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