El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: 110/20kV Substation “Aytos”– reconstruction and enlargement of 110kV switchyard
Contractor: National Electric Company EAD
Description: The Project for reconstruction of 110/20kV substation “Aytos” includes substitution of the outdated equipment, reinforced concrete structures and all existing panels in the substation. A new oil drainage system and an oil pit has been built for the power transformers. Enlargement of the substation has been implemented through erection of three new terminal fields for 110kV OHL.
Lead in exploitation: July, 2013
Finished Activities:

The scope of works includes:

  • Change of the scheme of 110 kV switchyard from a single busbar system into a single sectioned busbar system with circuit breaker;
  • Manufacturing and delivery of relay panels, auxiliary panels – AC and DC, control panels, front panels of control boards and electric meter panels;
  • Substitution of reinforced concrete gates with steel-lattice ones;
  • Construction of new trenches, foundations and oil drainage system for power transformers;
  • Erection of three new terminal fields for 110kV OHL;
  • Substitution of equipment - circuit breakers, disconnectors, surge arresters and measuring transformers;
  • Erection of earthing installation;
  • Erection of lightning protection system;
  • Erection of lighting installation for 110 kV switchyard;
  • Vertical planning – construction of concrete roads and fence;
  • Control testing and commissioning of the equipment installed.
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