El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Erection of a new 110 kV Substation Mayak
Contractor: Assignor of this contract is the Portuguese company Efacec Engenharia E Sistemas
Description: The project concerns erection of a new 110kV Substation on the land of Hadzhi Dimitar village, Kavarna Municipality, Dobrich Region. Mayak is a junction Substation without voltage decreasing transformers. It is destined to ensure a steady power supply to sustain the increased loading of the Northern Black sea area power distribution network during summer tourist season.
Lead in exploitation: December 2013
Finished Activities:

Works start in October 2012. The following tasks are subject to implementation:

  • erection of control building;
  • erection of concrete foundations portals and tables for installation of electrical equipment;
  • erection of cable trays and foundations for control panels;
  • erection of steel structures – portals and tables for installation of electrical equipment;
  • installation of electrical equipment: circuit breakers, disconnectors, current transformers, voltage transformers, surge arresters, control panels, storage battery, diesel aggregate;
  • installation and connection of busbar system;
  • laying and connection of power and control cables;
  • installation of RTU system;
  • erection of grounding installation and lightning-protection installation;
  • delivery and installation of concrete complete transformer station (CCTS) and partial cabling of 20 kV OHL passing through the 110 kV Switchyard;
  • erection of a road approach towards the Substation;
  • construction of local roads and approaches;
  • erection of a fence;
  • erection of lighting installation and video-surveillance installation;
  • vertical planning and grassing;
  • control tests and commissioning of all the equipment installed.
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