El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Rehabilitation of the main transformer substations located in Troyanovo-sever and Troyanovo-3 mines of Mini Maritsa-iztok EAD, and erection of new mobile substations with the relevant distribution devices and connecting equipment for increase of power supply from 6 kV to 20 kV
Contractor: The contract was assigned by Siemens EOOD
Description: Project concerns reconstruction of four stationary substations because of their transformation from 6 kV to 20 kV aiming to decrease losses of electricity alongside the power transmission network. Project also envisages delivery of 35 units of 20 kV platform mounted movable distribution devices, erection of 8 units of 20/6 кV movable substations, and reconstruction of 9 excavators for transformation of their power supply voltage from 6 kV to 20 kV.
Lead in exploitation: 01.2014
Finished Activities:

Works include the following:

  • dismantle of existing equipment
  • delivery and installation of power cables, control cables and communication cables;
  • electrical works -primary commutation: installation of 110/20/6 kV and 20/6 kV power transformers, installation of new 20 kV complete distribution switchgears, erection of new 20/6 kV movable substations with the relevant MV equipment, installation of rectifiers and condenser-type batteries, assembly and installation of control panels and power panels;
  • electrical works - secondary commutation: installation and wiring of control panels and switchboards, substitution of differential protections of 110/20/6 kV power transformers;
  • control tests and measurements for commissioning of all the equipment installed;
  • erection of covered container-type premises for the equipment of the 20/6 kV movable substations;
  • manufacture of carriage platform with mounted covered container for 20 kV complete distribution switchgear (outdoor installation);
  • engineering and programming of SCADA system;
  • erection of grounding installation;
  • erection of lighting installation;
  • erection of HVC installation.
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