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Name of Project: Enlargement of 110 kV Switchyard of 110/10/6.3 kV Substation Chelopech
Contractor: PM Electrical EOOD

Substation Chelopech 110/10/6.3 kV is located near the village of Chelopech, Sofia District. Enlargement of its 110 kV Switchyard has become necessary due to the activity of a copper-gold mining company in the region. The project envisages erection of a new 110 kV Transformer field and substitution of electrical equipment in the two existing 110 kV fields.

Lead in exploitation: 08.2014
Finished Activities:
  • dismantle of existing electrical equipment;
  • installation of 110 kV and 10 kV electrical equipment – FS6 circuit breakers, disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, surge arresters;
  • supply and erection of galvanized steel structures;
  • laying and connection of MV power cables;
  • installation of busbar system, insulation chains, conductor deviations and connections among equipment;
  • installation of systems for lighting, grounding ang lightning-protection of the 110 kV Switchyard;
  • construction of concrete foundations, oil-collection shaft for transformer, oil-discharge canal, fire wall, support wall, fences, concrete roads, cable trenches;
  • electrical tests and commissioning of 110/10/6.3 kV s-st Chelopech.
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