El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Substitution of 20 kV distribution Switchgear in 20/6/0.4 kV Substation PS Maritsa
Contractor: Neochim PLC

20/6 kV Substation at Pump Station (PS) Maritsa is a part of the power system of Neochim PLC chemical plant in Dimitrovgrad providing electricity for the technological and production cycle of the plant.

The 20 kV and the 6 kV Switchgears (SWGs) of the Substation are furnished with outdated equipment under many years of exploitation causing frequent failures which disturb the fluency of production cycle in the plant. By reason of this a reconstruction and modernization of 20/6/0,4 kV SWGs has been planned.

EL KONTROL is assigned to elaborate a detailed design for construction of new 20 kV and 6 kV SWGs. Implementation of the works under the design is also within our scope together with putting the installed equipment under operational use.

Lead in exploitation: 08.2014
Finished Activities:
  1. Elaboration of detailed design – Electrical and Construction part;
  2. Delivery and installation of 20 kV equipment – current transformers, voltage transformers, disconnectors, circuit breakers, and surge arresters;
  3. Delivery and installation of 20/0.4 kV power oil transformer;
  4. Delivery, installation and connection of MV and LV cables;
  5. Delivery and construction of cable trays;
  6. Assembly of relay panels;
  7. Assembly of control panels;
  8. Assembly of AC/DC auxiliary panels;
  9. Automation: Delivery and assembly of SCADA cabinet; integration to the existing SCADA;
  10. Tests and commissioning of the installed equipment;
  11. Training of factory client’s operative personnel.
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