El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Reconstruction of external power supply of Substation 208 HV
Contractor: LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD
Description: Project concerns repair of Switchgears No. 11 and No. 16 though substitution of oil circuit breakers with vacuum ones, and reconstruction of relay compartment by adding longitudinal differential protection SIEMENS type 7SD610
Lead in exploitation: 12.2014
Finished Activities:
  • Elaboration of detailed design for reconstruction of two 6 kV cubicles in Main Step-down Substation GPP-2 supplying Substation 208 HV;
  • Delivery of vacuum circuit breakers, installation thereof into metal carriages, installation of busbar system and commissioning;
  • Construction activities: digging excavations, making of framework, concrete activities, installation of steel structures;
  • Delivery, installation, programming, set-up, and commissioning of digital differential protection; overall substitution of secondary equipment and commutation in the relay compartment;
  • Delivery and installation of cable grids;
  • Delivery and splicing of fiber-optic cables;
  • Commissioning works and put of all the installed equipment under operational use.
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