El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Power supply of Distribution Substation in Neochim PLC. from 6 kV Main Distribution Substation in Maritsa-3 TPP, Dimitrovgrad
Contractor: Neohim PLC.

Project concerns construction of back-up power supply of Distribution Substation in Neohim PLC. from 6kV Main Distribution Switchgear in Maritsa-3 TPP, Dimitrovgrad. Project includes construction of:

  • 6 kV cable line;
  • Fiber optic line;
  • Differential protection for 6 kV cable line.
Lead in exploitation: 10.2015
Finished Activities:
  1. Making of steel structures and construction of cable ways;
  2. Construction of cable lines, pulling and connection of 6 kV power cables;
  3. Suppy, laying and splicing fiber optic cables;
  4. Equipping 6kV Main Distribution Switchgear by installing current transformers, digital differential protection, and control cables;
  5. Equipping Distribution panel РП-60 by installing digital differential protection;
  6. Commissioning woks.
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