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Name of Project: Reconstruction and enlargement of 220 kV Switchyard at S-st Pleven-1 –implementation of turnkey project for design, construction, supply of equipment, electrical installation and commissioning
Contractor: Electricity System Operator EAD

220/110/20 kV Substation Pleven-1 is situated in the town of Pleven, Bulgaria. The reconstruction of 220 kV Switchyard is needed because of alternation of the primary diagram, enlargement of the 220 kV Switchyard, and substitution of the 220 kV primary equipment.

Implementation of the project is on turnkey bases, and follows these three phases:

  • Design, including elaboration of concept design and detailed design;
  •  Supply, including supply of materials and equipment;
  • Implementation, including construction, electrical installation and commissioning.

Contract is awarded to Consortium Elcorect-Union-2012 DZZD part of which is EL KONTROL.

Lead in exploitation: 02.2016
Finished Activities:

1. Primary commutation

  • Dismantle of 220 kV equipment: disconnectors, transformers, surge arresters, control panels;
  •  Dismantle of steel structures and pipes;
  •  Delivery of disconnectors, support insulators;
  •  Installation of 220 kV equipment: circuit breakers, disconnectors, measuring transformers, surge arresters, support insulators, insulator chains, condensers, coils;
  •  Laying and connection of power cables;
  •  Installation of distribution busbar system and three-phased branch connection links;
  •  Installation of pipes and steel structures in the Switchyard and the Switchgear.

2. Construction of grounding and lightning installation.

3. Construction of lighting installation: operational, guard, and emergency lighting.

4. Construction works: construction of steel-lattice portals , concrete tables for electrical equipment, foundations, cable trenches, and pipe system.

5. Rehabilitation of existing roads and approaches, construction of new ones.

6. Vertical planning and drainage system.

7. Dismantle of existing fence and construction of a new one.

8. Secondary commutation:

  •  Manufacturing and installation of control panels;
  •  Manufacturing and installation of relay panels, set-up of relay protection;
  •  Manufacturing and installation of electricity metering panel;
  •  Manufacturing and installation of auxiliary panel;
  •  Laying and connection of control cables.

9. Automation system for dispatcher control.

10. Commissioning works.

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