El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Manufacturing, engineering, erection and set-up of cabinets and boards with relay protection for 220кV and 400кV Switchgears of The National Electric Company EAD
Contractor: Contractor: El-Test Ltd., Client: National Electric Company EAD
Description: SUBPROJECT: 220/110kV Substation Chudomir
Lead in exploitation: 2007
Finished Activities:
▪ Installation and commissioning of main diferential protection for Autotransformer 1;
▪ Installation and commissioning of spare distance protection for 220 kV outgoing feeder;
▪ Dismantle, laying and connection of control cables;
▪ Erection of synchronization system for the clocks built in the new and thе clocks built in the existing digital relay protection;
▪ Erection of DIGSI network between the new relay protection and a local computer;
▪ Control tests of the erected equipment.
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