El Kontrol - Beginning
Name of Project: Reconstruction and extension of 400 кV Outdoor Switchgear in Maritsa East 3 TPP as a part of a 400 кV power distribution line from Maritsa East 3 TPP to substation "Alibeikjoi" (Turkey)
Contractor: NEC EAD Trafoelektroinvest State Enterprise
Description: SUBPROJECT: Existing 31.5 kV Indoor Switchgear
Lead in exploitation: 2003
Finished Activities:
▪ Refurbishment of control panels;
▪ Substitution of reactors on side 31.5 kV of autotransformer;
▪ Installation and commissioning of 31.5/0.4 kV EB Autotransformer;
▪ Dismantle of existing 31,5 kV power equipment, installation and commissioning of 31,5 kV power equipment;
▪ Substitution of control and power cables;
▪ Substitution of supporting isolators for31,5 kV busbar system;
▪ Installation of guard and local lightning installation;
▪ Control tests and measurements of power equipment and relay protection.
Other: It has been awarded to EL KONTROL by NEC EAD Trafoelektroinvest State Enterprise after a Public Procurement Competition had been carried out.
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