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Siemens Presentation: Demo-trucks Equiped with C&I Instrumentation and Low-voltage Equipment
27.04.2010         NEWS
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On 26.04.2010 EL KONTROL hosted for a second year a Demonstration auto-show organized by SIEMENS.

Two Demo-Trucks equipped with C & I Analyzing instrumentation and Low-Voltage equipment were open for visitors at EL KONTROL’s Business Center in Stara Zagora.

Being one of the world leading producers of industrial automation SIEMENS has always endeavored to be close to its customers. Following this politics the German producer in cooperation with its local representing companies yearly organizes demo-presentations “on wheels”. The “LOW VOLTAGE” and ”PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION AND ANALYTICS” Demo-Trucks gave the opportunity to their visitors to get closely acquainted with the wide range of industrial products from the series of Low-Voltage switching equipment, Control and Inspection Instrumentation and Analyzing Techniques. These represent the three leading conceptions of SIEMENS for automation, electrical distribution, reliability and safety: Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Totally Integrated Power (TIP) and Safety Integrated.

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