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24.09.2010         NEWS
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At the beginning of 2010 EL KONTROL EOOD brought together a team of professionals to perform construction works.

The company is registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders and it’s a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. At the present time 31 persons work in the construction department of EL KONTROL including managing personnel – civil engineers and building technicians as well as performing personnel – casing workers, steel erectors, masons, welders, faience workers and dyers. The staff working in the department has great experience and practice with large and significant strategic sites in Bulgaria, as well as with civil engineering projects.


The Construction department at EL KONTROL provides:

  • Construction of foundations, fundaments, columns, floors, roof constructions;
  • Manufacture of metal constructions;
  • Metal construction and panels assembly on site;
  • Erection of water-supply systems, sewage system and electrical installations;
  • Joinery fitting;
  • Plastering, flooring and finishing works.

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