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ABB Demo - Truck Show
18.04.2011         NEWS
El Kontrol Visit ABB

On 15.04.2011 EL KONTROL hosted a Demonstration autoshow organized by ABB.

The ABB manufacturer of protection and control systems and devices, part of ABB group in Sweden, organizes a caravan tour in Bulgaria to present ABB products and systems for relay protection and automation.

The following products were exhibited on our stand (caravan):

  • Products of digital relay protection IED670 series;
  • Products of digital relay protection IED650series;
  • Digital differential relays for busbar protection REB500;
  • Automated dispatch control system - MicroSCADA Pro;
  • RTU560 telecommunication controller for monitoring, signaling and controlling;
  • Software for engineering of digital devices – IEC61850-8-1 series;

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The functioning of a whole Substation automation system with IEC61850-8-1 protocol has been demonstrated on the stand.

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