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Completion of the first stage of the construction works on Substation Helios 110/20kV
21.06.2011         NEWS
El Kontrol Project

A Report No 2 opening the construction activities on Substation “Helios 110/20 KV” near the town of Slanchev bryag was signed on 11 April, 2011. Project has been assigned by NEC EAD as a client, ABB Bulgaria as the main executor and EL KONTROL as a subcontractor performing construction and erection works as well as commissioning.

The period for closing the first stage of construction activities was extremely short. The final goal was the installation of a live power transformer No2, feeding the MV cables through the new 20 KV switchgear.

Part of the construction work was executed under unsuitable weather conditions in order to keep the deadlines. The termination of the works assigned in such a short period of 67 calendar days was made possible due to the efforts of all the employees working in EL КOTROL and to the strong organization performed by the contracting authority.

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The switchgear was successfully activated on 17 June, 2011, the power transformer was loaded which started the 72 hours equipment tests.

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