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The official opening ceremony of the first stage of erection of substation “Helios” 110/20kV took place on June 26th 2011
29.06.2011         NEWS
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On Sunday, June 26th, The Prime Minister – Mr. Boyko Borisov lead the opening ceremony of the first stage of erection of substation “Helios” 110/20 kV which is meant to supply the “Slanchev brayg” resort with electricity. Project has been assigned by NEC EAD as a client, ABB Bulgaria as the main executor and EL KONTROL as a subcontractor performing construction and erection works as well as commissioning. "With the millions of BGNs invested in rehabilitation of the electric transmission network and the new substation, we can guarantee the normal power supply in Slanchev bray and its surroundings", said the Prime Minister - Borisov.

"Substation Helios which is opened today is a guarantee that even in the hottest days, the resort will have a stable power supply. In summer, Slanchev bryag reaches the proportions of the city of Burgas and it needs the proper infrastructure. For many years the investments in infrastructure have been underestimated and in the last year the system crashed. Launching the new substation and renovating the transmission network we have solved one of the main problems in Slanchev bryag", said the Minister of economy, energy and tourism – Mr. Traycho Traykov during the ceremony.

The first stage of implementation has been completed for only 68 days, announced the CEO of NEC EAD – Mr. Mihail Andonov.Through the new substation build, the power lines - Galateya, Vetren and Aheloy renovated and launched in May, we have increased the capacity of the 110kV ring power transmission line on the south coast of the Black sea and we have improved the reliability of the whole network in the region of Burgas”.

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The district governor of Burgas, deputies, local authorities’ representatives, businessmen and media attended the ceremony. The event was covered with broadcasts by the media – BNT, BTV, Europe TV.

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