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DZZD EL KONTROL 2014 signed a contract for design and rehabilitation of rectifier stations under the Project for Modernization and development of sustainable public transport in Stara Zagora
17.06.2014         NEWS
El Kontrol

Contract amounts over 1.2 million leva. It includes rehabilitation of 4 rectifier stations, and was awarded after procurement procedure.

‘For us this is an important project within the town of Stara Zagora. So far our largest orders in the power construction sector have been awarded mainly by foreign companies. Complexity of the order does not embarrass us at all but we have to pay attention to the time schedules, and not to allow interference of transport service in town. We choose equipment by Siemens because their switchgears are most reliable’, explained Niagol Hristov, the General Manager of EL KONTROL upon signing the contract.

Financing of the project is under contract of Stara Zagora Municipality for Project BG161PO001/1.5-03/2011/003 for ‘Modernization and development of sustainable public transport in the town of Stara Zagora’, Grant Nr. BG161PO001/1.5-03/2011 ‘Support for integrated public transport in the five biggest towns’ of the Operative program ‘Regional development 2007 – 2013’. Project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development.

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