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In March 2015 EL KONTROL started implementation of two new projects: Substation Pleven-1 in the town of Pleven, and Oil-tank farm (OTF) Rosenets on the territory of LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD
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El Kontrol

Contract for Design, supply of equipment for 6 kV Substation, dismantle of existing equipment, installation, tests and commissioning at OTF Rosenets includes elaboration of detailed design for substitution of 6 kV Switchgear with a new one equipped with vacuum circuit breakers, current transformers, microprocessor protection, and dry voltage transformers. Design also includes Secondary commutation part: control, signalization, protection, metering, automatic load transfer (ALT).

After obtaining approval of the design EL KONTROL shall implement the projected activities: supply, installation and commissioning of electrical equipment.

Project for Reconstruction and enlargement of 220 kV Switchyard at S-st Pleven-1 is awarded to Consortium Elcorect-Union-2012 DZZD part of which is EL KONTROL. The reconstruction of 220 kV Switchyard at 220/110/20 kV S-st Pleven-1 is needed because of alternation of the primary diagram, enlargement of the 220 kV Switchyard, and substitution of the 220 kV primary equipment. The project will be implemented on turnkey bases following these three phases:

  • Design including elaboration of concept design and detailed design;
  • Supply including supply of materials and equipment;
  • Implementation including construction, electrical installation and commissioning.

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