El Kontrol - Beginning
Optical Cables

Services we offer:
  • Optical network design;
  • Implementation and put into operation of optical networks and network lines;
  • Supply of materials and equipment needed for implementation of optical networks;
  • Supervision of projects related to pre-optical networks and equipment;
  • Analysing of optical traces and protocol issuing.

Equipment we use:
  • Fujikura Splicer FSM-60S + CT30A Cleaver;
  • LED optical light source, 850/1300nm, SC connector – Noyes CSS1-MM;
  • Visual fault locator 650nm, 1mW, 2Hz, all-purpose 2.5mm connector – Fujikura HiLite;
  • Optical fiber identifier with built-in optical power meter - Fujikura FID-20R;
  • Optical power meter InGaAs. +26 to -50dB, USB – Noyes OPM 5-4D;
  • Laser optical light source, 1310/1550nm, SC connector – Noyes CSS1-SM;
  • Mini-OTDR E 6000C + E6004A Module 30/30dB + E6007A Visual Fault Finder E6020BA;
  • Fiber cable preparation tool kit.
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