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0010216A, 2P+ЕЕ, 250V, IP44, Schuko Typepcs.2.46 BGN
0045216A, 2P+ЕЕ, 250V, IP54, Schuko Typepcs.6.10 BGN
0010516A, 2P+ЕЕ, 250V, IP67, Schuko Typepcs.12.48 BGN
0011416A, 2P+ЕE, 250V, IP67, Schuko Typepcs.45.84 BGN
0011016A, 2P+ЕE, 250V, IP44, Schuko Type, Rubberpcs.4.73 BGN
0012516A, 2P+EЕ, IP44, Schuko Type, Rubber, 125mmpcs.5.28 BGN
0012016A, 2P+EЕ, IP44, Schuko Type, Rubber, 135mmpcs.6.73 BGN
00130Schuko Type Rubber Multiconnectors, 3x16A, 2P+EЕ, IP44pcs.40.80 BGN
00211Combo Sockets, 16A, 2P+Е, 250V, IP44, 6h + Schuko Typepcs.27.30 BGN
00313Combo Sockets, 16A, 3P+N+Е, 415V, IP44, 6h + Schuko Typepcs.28.36 BGN
00316Combo Sockets, 32A, 3P+N+Е, 415V, IP44, 6h + Schuko Typepcs.44.87 BGN
00214Combo Sockets, 32A, 2P+Е, 250V, IP44, 6h + Schuko Typepcs.44.20 BGN
00121Combo Plugs, 16A 2P+Е, 250V, IP44, 6h, -> Schuko Type IP44pcs.24.45 BGN
00123Combo Plugs, 16A 3P+N+Е, 415V, IP44, 6h, -> Schuko Type IP44pcs.26.60 BGN
0210116A, 2P+Е, 250V, IP44, 6hpcs.4.93 BGN
0310216A, 3P+E, 415V, IP44, 6hpcs.5.95 BGN
0310316A, 3P+N+E, 415V, IP44, 6hpcs.6.88 BGN
0910116A, 2P, 42V, IP44, 12h, Extra Low Voltagepcs.7.43 BGN
0210432A, 2P+Е, 250V, IP44, 6hpcs.6.45 BGN
0310532A, 3P+E, 415V, IP44, 6hpcs.7.24 BGN