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Phase Inverter Plugs
IP67 Low Voltage Phase Inverter Plugs from the MUNDIAL Series of the IDE company for Industrial Plugs and Sockets. Basic parameters: Ball Preasure Test - 125°C; Test of Resistance to Glow Wire - 960°C; Auto-extinguishing Degree - VO(UL94); Resistance to Impact - IK08; Degree of Protection - IP67. The products are in confirmity with directive 2006/95/CE and norms EN 60309-1 and EN 60309-2.
Catalog #DescriptionMeasure unitPrice, BGN VAT Free
0850616A, 3P+N+E, 415V, IP67, 6h, Phase Inverter Plugspcs.33.60 BGN
0850832A, 3P+N+E, 415V, IP67, 6h, Phase Inverter Plugspcs.35.99 BGN