El Kontrol - Beginning

Execution of electrical installation and commissioning works is the main direction in the work of EL KONTROL


For the entire period of its existence the Company has implemented different by volume and type projects in the area of power engineering, focusing on the construction of high-voltage installations.
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EL KONTROL has participated in projects for rehabilitation and erection of five electrical substations 400kV, inclusive in the capacity of main contractor for erection of 400kV Open-yard Switchgear at TPP Maritsa East 3 and 400kV Open-yard Switchgear at TPP Maritsa East 2. In a period of four years the Company has been working successfully for the implementation of another major project: rehabilitation of Power Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 of TPP Enel Maritsa East 3 – scope electrical works. EL KONTROL has also executed orders for the electrical part of projects for construction of flue gas desulphurization installations (FGD) at TPP Maritsa East 2 and TPP Enel Maritsa East 3. Along with this the Company has worked on the construction, repair and commissioning of a number of substations and electrical switchgears in Bulgaria.
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