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PG Thread Spiral Cable Glands
PG thread spiral cable glands of the Ortac company are water tight, easy assemble, good strain relief, wide clamping range, multi-purpose applications, easy handling. Product specifications: material - polyamide 6; protection class - IP68; permanent operational temperature - from -40ºC to +100ºC; short term maximum operational tempriture - +150ºC; seal - thermoplastic rubber.
Catalog #DescriptionMeasure unitPrice, BGN VAT Free
ORG-19Spiral Cable Gland PG7, H=57,2mmpcs.0.55 BGN
ORG-20Spiral Cable Gland PG9, H=70,4mmpcs.0.60 BGN
ORG-21Spiral Cable Gland PG11, H=81,3mmpcs.0.70 BGN
ORG-22Spiral Cable Gland PG13, H=89,2mmpcs.0.75 BGN
ORG-23Spiral Cable Gland PG16, H=107,2mmpcs.1.50 BGN
ORG-24Spiral Cable Gland PG21, H=124,3mmpcs.1.80 BGN