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MICROMASTER 430 - The specialist for pumps and fans
Every task performed by a drive system involves its own specific requirements. There is therefore a demand for inverter solutions that can be easi- ly and flexibly adapted to cope with the broadest variety of challenges. It is exactly this flexibility which characterizes our modular MICROMAS- TER 430. Specially for use with pumps and fans in industry, it performs a wide variety of tasks in similar applications as well. Compared to the MICROMASTER 420, it features greater power efficiency and has more inputs and outputs as well as an optimized operator panel with switch- over between manual and automatic modes of operation.
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6SE64302AD275CA0INVERTER MM430 7,5kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD311CA0INVERTER MM430 11kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD315CA0INVERTER MM430 15kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD318DA0INVERTER MM430 18,5kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD322DA0INVERTER MM430 22kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD330DA0INVERTER MM430 30kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD337EA0INVERTER MM430 37kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD345EA0INVERTER MM430 45kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD355FA0INVERTER MM430 55kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD375FA0INVERTER MM430 75kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302AD388FA0INVERTER MM430 90kW W FILTER 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD275CA0INVERTER MM430 7,5kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD311CA0INVERTER MM430 11kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD315CA0INVERTER MM430 15kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD318DA0INVERTER MM430 18,5kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD322DA0INVERTER MM430 22kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD330DA0INVERTER MM430 30kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD337EA0INVERTER MM430 37kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD345EA0INVERTER MM430 45kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs. 
6SE64302UD355FA0INVERTER MM430 55kW 3AC 380–480 Vpcs.