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S7-200 CPUs
To suit a wide range of requirements, the SIMATIC S7-200 is available in 5 different CPUs, each with extensive functionality and an integrated Freeport communication interface(s). Various expansion modules are also available to add further functionality.
Catalog #DescriptionMeasure unitPrice, BGN VAT Free
6ES72110AA230XB06ES72110AA230XB0 S7200 CPU 221 DC 6 DI DC/4 DO DC, 4 KBpcs. 
6ES72110BA230XB06ES72110BA230XB0 S7200 CPU 221 AC 6 DI DC/4 DO R 4 KBpcs. 
6ES72121AB230XB06ES72121AB230XB0 S7200 CPU 222 DC 8 DI DC/6 DO DC 4 KBpcs. 
6ES72121BB230XB06ES72121BB230XB0 S7200 CPU 222 AC 8 DI DC/6 DO R 4 KBpcs. 
6ES72141AD230XB06ES72141AD230XB0 S7200 CPU 224 DC 14 DI DC/10 DO DC, 8/12 KBpcs. 
6ES72141BD230XB06ES72141BD230XB0 S7200 CPU 224 AC 14 DI DC/10 DO R 8/12 KBpcs. 
6ES72142AD230XB06ES72142AD230XB0 S7200 CPU 224XP DC 14 DI DC/10 DO DC 2 AI 1 AO 12/16 KBpcs. 
6ES72142BD230XB06ES72142BD230XB0 S7200 CPU 224XP AC 14DI DC/10DO R 2AI 1AO 12/16 KBpcs. 
6ES72162AD230XB06ES72162AD230XB0 S7200 CPU 226 DC 24 DI DC/16 DO DC 16/24 KBpcs. 
6ES72162BD230XB06ES72162BD230XB0 S7200 CPU 226 AC 24 DI DC/16 DO R 16/24 KBpcs.