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S7-200 SIMATIC HMI Micro Panels
Especially for the Microsystem SIMATIC S7-200 SIMATIC HMI offers price optimized devices:Text Displays TD 100C, TD 200, TD 200C, OP 73micro and Touch Panel TP 177micro.
Catalog #DescriptionMeasure unitPrice, BGN VAT Free
6AV65450AA152AX06AV65450AA152AX0 TP070 5.7"pcs. 
6AV66100AA011CA86AV66100AA011CA8 WINCC FLEXIBLE 2005 MICROpcs. 
6AV66400BA110AX06AV66400BA110AX0 OP 73MICRO 3"pcs. 
6AV66400CA110AX06AV66400CA110AX0 TP 177MICRO 5.7" BLUE MODEpcs. 
6AV66500BA010AA06AV66500BA010AA0 STARTER OP 73MICROpcs. 
6AV66500DA010AA06AV66500DA010AA0 STARTER TP 177MICROpcs. 
6ES72720AA300YA06ES72720AA300YA0 S7200 TD 200pcs. 
6ES72721AA100YA06ES72721AA100YA0 SIMATIC S7200, TD200Cpcs. 
6ES72721BA100YA06ES72721BA100YA0 S7200 TD 100Cpcs. 
6ES78502BC000YX06ES78502BC000YX0 S7200 TPDESIGNER ЗА TP070, V1.0pcs. 
6ES79013EB100XA06ES79013EB100XA0 S7 CONN.CABLE TD 100C И TD 200Cpcs.