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Expansion modules for S7-300
Signal Modules (SM), Functional Modules (FM), Communications Processors (CP) and Interfase Modules (IM).
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6ES73683BB010AA0S7-300,КАБЕЛ IM 360/IM 361 1Mpcs.113.83 BGN
6ES73683BC510AA0S7-300,КАБЕЛ IM 360/IM 361 2.5Mpcs.152.55 BGN
6ES73683BF010AA0S7-300,КАБЕЛ IM 360/IM 361 5Mpcs.203.41 BGN
6ES73683CB010AA0S7-300,КАБЕЛ IM 360/IM 361 10Mpcs.241.35 BGN
6ES73700AA010AA0S7-300, DUMMY MODULE DM 370pcs.168.98 BGN
6ES73742XH010AA0S7-300,SIM.M SM 374, 16 IN /16 OUT 8 IN/ 8 OUT 6 SW, 16 LEDpcs.432.83 BGN
6ES73900AA000AA0S7-300, BUS CONNECTORpcs.12.40 BGN
6ES73901AB600AA0S7-300, RAIL L=160MMpcs.36.63 BGN
6ES73901AE800AA0S7-300, RAIL L=480MMpcs.56.91 BGN
6ES73901AF300AA0S7-300, RAIL L=530MMpcs.68.26 BGN
6ES73901AF850AA0S7-300, RAIL L=585MM ЗА ET200ISPpcs. 
6ES73901AJ300AA0S7-300, RAIL L=830MMpcs.91.53 BGN
6ES73901AJ850AA0S7-300, RAIL L=885MM ЗА ET200ISPpcs. 
6ES73901BC000AA0S7-300, RAIL L=2000MMpcs.152.55 BGN
6ES73921AJ000AA0S7-300, FRONT CONN, 20-PINpcs.44.40 BGN
6ES73921AM000AA0S7-300,FRONT CONN, 40-PINpcs.70.21 BGN
6ES73921BJ000AA0S7-300, FRONT CONN, 20-PIN CAGE CLpcs.44.40 BGN
6ES73921BM010AA0S7-300, FRONT CONN, 40-PIN CAGE CLpcs.70.21 BGN
6ES79538LF200AA0SIMATIC S7,MMC S7-300/C7/ET 200, 3.3 V,64 KBpcs. 
6ES79538LG110AA0SIMATIC S7 MMC S7-300/C7/ET200S IM151 3.3V 128KBpcs.