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SITOP modular - The power supply for all requirements
Even the basic devices offer extensive functions such as wide-range input, Power Boost or selectable overload reactions. The flexible expandability with all SITOP add-on modules equips the basic units for the most demanding of requirements with secure 24 Volt.
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6EP13343BA00SITOP MODULAR IN:120/230-500V AC OUT:24 V DC/10 Apcs. 
6EP13361SH01SITOP POWER 20,IN:230V AC OUT:24 V DC/20 Apcs. 
6EP13362BA00SITOP POWER 20 IN:120/230V AC OUT:24V DC/20 Apcs. 
6EP13363BA00SITOP MODULAR IN:120/230V AC OUT:24V DC/20 Apcs. 
6EP13373BA00SITOP MODULAR IN:120/230V AC OUT:24V DC/40 Apcs.694.32 BGN
6EP13530AA00SITOP POWER 15 V DUAL IN:120-230V AC OUT:2 X 15 V DC/3.5 Apcs.383.34 BGN
6EP13532BA00SITOP POWER FLEXI IN:120-230V AC OUT:3-52 V DC/ 10 A, 120 Wpcs.334.45 BGN
6EP13541AL01SITOP POWER 7, AS-I IN:120/230V AC OUT:30 V DC/7A S7-300pcs. 
6EP14342BA00SITOP POWER 10 IN:3 X 400 - 500V AC OUT:24 V DC/10 Apcs. 
6EP14362BA00SITOP POWER 20 IN:3 X 400-500V AC OUT:24 V DC/20Apcs. 
6EP14363BA00SITOP MODULAR 20 IN:3 X 400-500 V AC OUT:24 V DC/20 Apcs.404.86 BGN
6EP14371SH01SITOP POWER 40,IN:3 X 480V AC (340...550 V) OUT:24V DC/40 Apcs. 
6EP14372BA00SITOP POWER 30 IN:3 X 400-500V AC OUT:24V DC/30 Apcs. 
6EP14372BA10SITOP POWER 40 IN:3 X 400-500V AC OUT: 24V DC/40 Apcs. 
6EP14373BA00SITOP MODULAR 40 IN:3 X 400-500V AC OUT:24V DC/40Apcs. 
6EP14573BA00SITOP MODULAR 48 V/20 A IN:3 X 400-500V AC OUT:48V DC/20 Apcs.666.94 BGN
6EP15341SL01SITOP POWER 12, DC/DC IN:300-770V DC OUT:24V DC/12 Apcs. 
6EP15361SL01SITOP POWER 20, DC/DC IN:480-770V DC OUT:24V DC/20 Apcs. 
6EP15362AA00SITOP POWER 20 IN:500-620 V AC OUT:24V DC/20 Apcs. 
6EP16321AL01SITOP POWER 2.4, AS-I IN:24V DC (20.4 .. 28.8 V)OUT:30V DC/2.4 Apcs.