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SITOP add-ons - Specialists for mission-critical applications
The unique spectrum of add-ons allows flexible expansion of SITOP power packs to meet a wide variety of requirements. For example, for protection against power failures from seconds to hours, for redundant operation or for selective protection of individual 24 V circuits.
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6EP19312DC21SITOP DC UPS 24V/6 A, IN:24V DC/6.85 A OUT:24V DC/6 Apcs.273.82 BGN
6EP19312DC31SITOP DC UPS 24V /6A S INT IN:24V DC/6.85A OUT:24V DC / 6 Apcs.352.05 BGN
6EP19312DC42SITOP DC UPS 24V/6A USB IN:24VDC/6.85 A OUT:24VDC/6 Apcs.352.05 BGN
6EP19312EC21SITOP DC UPS 24 V/15 A IN:24V DC/16A OUT:24V DC/15 Apcs.334.45 BGN
6EP19312EC21SITOP DC UPS 24V/15A IN:24V DC/16A OUT:24V DC/15 Apcs.334.45 BGN
6EP19312EC31SITOP DC UPS 24 V/15 A SIN IN:24VDC/16A OUT:24V DC/15 Apcs.416.59 BGN
6EP19312EC31SITOP DC UPS 24V/15 A SINT IN:24V DC/16A OUT:24VDC/15 Apcs.416.59 BGN
6EP19312EC42SITOP DC UPS 24V/15A USB IN:24VDC/16 A OUT:24 VDC/15 Apcs.416.59 BGN
6EP19312FC01SITOP DC UPS IN:24VDC(23.5..26 V) OUT:MAX.27.3Vpcs. 
6EP19312FC21SITOP DC USV 24V/40 A IN: 24 V DC/43A OUT:24V DC/40 Apcs.604.35 BGN
6EP19312FC42SITOP DC UPS 24 V/40 A USB IN:24VDC/42.6A OUT:24 VDC / 40 Apcs.686.50 BGN
6EP19356MC01SITOP POWER BAT 24 V/1.2 AH AH SITOP DC USV M 6pcs.158.42 BGN
6EP19356MD11SITOP POWER BAT 24 V/3.2 AH DC-USV-MODULE 6 ,15 DC UPSpcs.166.25 BGN
6EP19356ME01SITOP BAT 24 V/7 AH, DC-USV-pcs. 
6EP19356ME21SITOP BAT 24 V/7 AH DC-USVpcs.209.27 BGN
6EP19356MF01SITOP BAT 24 V/12 AH DC-USV6 A, 15 A AND 40 Apcs.273.82 BGN
6EP19612BA00SITOP SELECT 4-CH DIAGN. OUT:24V DC/10 A OUT2-10 Apcs.209.27 BGN
6EP19613BA00SITOP BUFFER 6EP1X3X-3BA00 100 MS/40 A, 200 MS/20 A, MAX 3 Сpcs.