Distribution Panels

They are intended for low-voltage power distribution and are used in the industry, public and residential buildings, etc. Depending on their placement, they can be wall - mounted (fitted onto the wall or in-built) or in the form of free standing cabinets allowing access to one or both sides of the cabinet. They are available in the following IP protection categories: IP30(31), IP40(41), IP55, and IP65.

Depending on each individual project, prefabricated boxes or cabinets (metal, plastic, polyester) are used which are further assembled, equipped and wired with commutation and protection devices supplied by ABB, SIEMENS SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, etc. They are available with a mounting plate but also with protective front covers allowing easy access to the fuses/circuit breaker switches./p>

Types of distribution panels

  • We produce Power distribution switchboards for industrial needs and for main distribution boards in the public buildings. Completion of various designs is possible. These can also be supplied with fixed circuit breakers, plug in circuit breakers or removable circuit breakers.
  • AC/DC electrical panels customized and configured to meet the individual requirements of power stations and substations;
  • Modular distribution panels mainly for offices and residential buildings, or as sub-distribution panels in the industry.