Reconstruction of the 110/20kV Switchyard on Substation ‘Slaveykov’

In January 2012 EL KONTROL started works on site 110/20 kV Substation ‘Slaveykov’ doing Reconstruction of 110kV Switchyard. The Assignor of this Contract is National Electric Company EAD.

110/20kV Substation Slaveykov is situated in the town of Burgas. The Project for reconstruction of the 110kV Switchyard envisages substitution of the outdated equipment and reinforced concrete structures in the 110 kV Switchyard. Along with that a new field for 110 kV outgoing cable line is planned to be erected.

The assigned works include the following:


  • Dismantle of power transformer and erection of transformer with 40/50 MVA power capacity;
  • Substitution of 110 kV busbar systems with solid tubular aluminum busbars;
  • Substitution of reinforced concrete gates with steel-lattice ones;
  • Substitution of all 110 kV equipment: circuit breakers, disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, surge arresters;
  • Erection of new field for 110 kV outgoing cable line towards S-st ‘Centar’;
  • Erection of field for measuring and of field for surge arresters for the two busbar systems;
  • Erection of Lighting installation for 110 kV Switchyard;
  • Construction of roads and approaches;
  • Erection of oil drainage system;
  • Erection of water-conduit and water-measurer shaft;
  • Erection of fire walls between the power transformers.