The IE Service-Station was created in 2012 to form a new direction of EL KONTROL’s Automation Department. Its scope of services includescommissioning, maintenance and repair of electronic devices with industrial utilization.

The IE service-station of EL KONTROL is the only one in Bulgaria having the authorization to install and repair ABB invertors. Itsengineers have passed training at the ABB University in Helsinki, Finland.


Scope of devices being serviced

  • Frequency inverters;
  • Complete industrial drives;
  • Softtarters;
  • Adjustable and fixed rectifiers
  • Special power supplies.

Scope of activities

  • REPAIRS - A mobile team of engineers is able to do the repairs at the place of break-down, or in the IE Service-station at EL KONTROL’s Business Centre;
  • MAINTENANCE - Regular technical servicing of working devices in compliance with the prescriptions and the maintenance schedules given by the producer;
  • INSTALLATION - Specialists of the IE Service-station implement the following activities for commissioning of electronic devices - Check-up the correspondence of the chosen place for installation to the environmental requirements; Check-up the parameters of the power supply and those of the electric grid; Connection and parameterization; Putting into operation and set-up;
  • TRAINING COURSES - We organize individual and group training courses for operational personnel of Industrial Enterprises. The attendees get acquainted with technical abilities of the devices and the respective regulations for their safe use.

The IE Service-station of EL KONTROL is the only one in Bulgaria having the authorization to install and perform after-sales service assistance of ACS550 and ACS800, the most popular series of ABB inverters.