EL KONTROL has completed the first Sub-project for reconstruction of the street lighting in Stara Zagora Municipality

„Krayrechen“ Boulevard in Stara Zagora has acquired a new modern look after the reconstruction of its lighting system.

The Sub-project was completed by EL KONTROL within the framework of a new long-term Project for maintenance of the street lighting in Stara Zagora Municipality, which we started in August this year.

Project includes maintenance and reconstruction of the street lighting in all settlements in the Municipality of Stara Zagora, as well as construction of new lighting installations, over a three-years period.

The lighting installation of „Krayrechen“ Boulevard was implemented with pillars with innovative design and luminous decorative detail, on which LED energy-saving luminaires are mounted.

Thus, the boulevard complements the renewed urban environment of Stara Zagora.

Activities under the project continue with renovation of the lighting in „Zagorka“ Park, and replacement of the park lighting in the yard of the Foreign Language School „Romain Rolland“ – Stara Zagora.