Reconstruction and modernization of 6 kV Switchgear in Substation No. 209

LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD


Assigned: 2014 / Completed: 2014

Project description

Project concerns substitution of outdated equipment in Substation No. 209 located in LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD. Purpose of the project is to ensure flawless power supply of the consumers connected to this Substation.


  • Elaboration of detailed design for reconstruction of existing 6 kV SWG, manufacturing and installation of DC panel, Secondary Commutation;
  • Dismantle of existing 6 kV Switchgear and installation of a new one equipped with vacuum circuit breakers;
  • Substitution of power and control cables;
  • Repair of support structures in cable tunnels;
  • Construction activities: painting of walls, renewal of flooring, laying of antiseptic floor, substitution of windows and doors, leveling and reinforcement of railways;
  • Manufacturing and installation of DC panel;
  • Delivery and installation of power supply system, substitution of existing electrical panels;
  • Delivery and installation of operational and emergency lighting system;
  • Delivery and installation of Secondary Commutation equipment: control & signalization unit, digital relay protection, automation and metering;
  • Set-up of relay protection;
  • Commissioning works and putting all the installed equipment under operational use.



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