Maintenance of lighting installations in Contour Global Maritsa East 3TPP

Contour Global Maritsa East 3 AD

Mednikarovo Village

Assigned: 2014 / Completed: 2015

Project description

Lighting Installations subject to maintenance under this order are completed in accordance with BDS 1786-84, with various by type and consumption lighting fixtures, operating under 220V 50Hz voltage.


  • Dismantle and substitution of burned out and damaged lighting fixtures;
  • Repair of lighting fixtures by substitution of bafflers, filters, start-up ignition set, lamp-holders;
  • Substitution and repair of distribution boxes;
  • Substitution and repair of cables and conductors from lighting fixtures to local panels;
  • Substitution/repair of start-up ignition set for lighting or commutation in lighting control panels.



Certificate BG          Certificate EN