Construction of 20 kV Overhead Line (OHL) from S/st Gledachevo to Reclaimer BRs112 in Troyanovo-1 Mine

Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD


Assigned: 2016 / Completed: 2017

Project description

Construction of new 20 kV OHL is necessary to power supply movable substations and mine consumers in Maritsa Iztok Mines, Radnevo.

The overhead line passes along a newly designed route. Connection is aerial, with 20 kV Switchgear at S/st Gledachevo, and on the other end of OHL, connection between the last pillar and the consumer is by cable. Total length of the OHL is approx. 3 km. Scope of the Contract includes supply and installation of all the necessary equipment for implementation of the Project.



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