Construction of new 110 kV Cable Line Kiparis, from S/st Zagorka to S/st Trayana

Electricity System Operator EAD

Stara Zagora

Assigned: 2017 / Completed: 2018

Project description

The new 110 kV cable line Kiparis is constructed between two urban Substations in the town of Stara Zagora, to continue an existing 110 kV overhead line.

EL KONTROL is a party in KIPARIS DZZD group - the Main Contractor of this Project.

An aggravating feature of this Project execution is that construction works take place in a high-pressure and densely built urban area, complying with the infrastructure and traffic organization.

The three-phase cable used to build the cable line is 100 mm in diameter and weighs 10 kg per linear meter. Due to its specific characteristics it is produced especially for the particular project.

The cable route of cable line Kiparis consists of cable trenches, passable cable collectors, impassable cable ducts and steel pipes under roads.


  • Delivery of construction materials - sewer elements, pipes, pavement tiles, curbs, inert materials, asphalt concrete, etc.
  • Delivery of electrical materials - primary commutation terminals, conductors, metal supporting structure and others.
  • Construction activities - excavation, installation of sewerage elements, cable shafts, backfilling, dismantling and repair of demolished roads - asphalt roads, sidewalks, concrete roads; construction of foundations for 110 kV cable ends;
  • Installation and laying of cables – 110 kV power cable, ECC conductor, grounding conductor;
  • Installation of fiber optic cable;
  • Installation of steel structures, installation of aluminum terminals and ACO 400 conductor;
  • Control measurements and tests