Reconstruction of feeder bays for Substation 214 from Substation GPP-2, including installation of differential protection with Intertrip function for power supply cables

LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas AD


Assigned: 2017 / Completed: 2017

Project description

Substations 214 and GPP-2 are located in LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas AD Refinery.


Design Stage:

  • Elaboration of Detailed design for altering secondary commutation diagrams in S/st 214, and integration of the newly installed differential protection.
  • Adjustment of a Standard Project for feeder bays reconstruction in S/st GPP2, to correspond to the specific feeder bays.
  • Preparation of Operating Instructions for the equipment; Acquire of approval and preparation of As-build drawings showing changes in the Detailed Project and the Standard Project.

Supply of equipment:

  • Supply of vacuum circuit breakers; digital differential protection; surge arresters; electrometers; amperemeters; measuring current transformers, secondary commutation equipment; cable trays; fiber-optic cables.

Construction works, installation and commissioning of equipment

  • Construction of an overhead cable route for fiber optic cable;
  • Dismantle of equipment from 6kV feeder bays;
  • Reconstruction of two bays in S/st GPP-2 by installation of vacuum circuit breakers.
  • Installation of differential protection for power supply cables of S/st 214; installation of communication fiber-optic connection between S/st 214 and S/st GPP-2 for the needs of the differential protection.
  • Reconstruction of Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) secondary commutation and logics, for the input bays and for bay circuit breaker in S/st 214. Reconstruction includes installation of fast ATS upon switch-off differential protection and Intertrip signal in S/st GPP-2.
  • Commissioning works: relay protection parametrizing, test of electrical equipment, test of optical fibers, putting all installed equipment under operational use.



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