Substitution of equipment in 110 kV Switchyard in Aurubis Bulgaria Plant

Aurubis Bulgaris AD


Assigned: 2018 / Completed: June, 2019

Project description

Construction site is located in Aurubis factory, Pirdop. Order concerns substitution of depreciated 110 kV equipment, as set in the maintenance plan of the factory.


  • Substitution of combined 110 kV currant-voltage transformers
  • Substitution of 110 kV surge arresters
  • Substitution 110 kV circuit breakers
  • Substitution of 110 kV busbar disconnectors
  • Substitution of 6 kV disconnectors
  • Delivery and installment of steel structures
  • Secondary wiring of the installed equipment
  • Completion of adjacent construction works.