Enlargement of 400 kV Switchyard in S/st Maritsa Iztok 3

Electricity System Operator EAD

DZZD P/ST VN – Partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act  

Mednikarovo Village, Stara Zagora Region

Assigned:June, 2020/ Completed: September 2020

Project concerns construction of a new bay in column 1 of 400 kV Switchyard in S/st Maritsa Iztok 3. Execution includes construction part, electrical part – primary and secondary commutation including earthing and lightning protection installations, and also commissioning works.

EL KONTROL has been assigned implementation of this project as a partner company in DZZD P/ST VN Partnership.

Dismantlе works in 400 kV Switchyard
- Dismantle of existing metal structures;
- Demolition of existing concrete foundations;
- Dismantle of support insulators 400 kV.

Installation works in 400 kV switchyard
- Construction of new concrete foundations for 400 kV facilities;
- Construction of new cable ditches, shafts and pipe network for cables in the 400 kV field;
- Installation of 400 kV equipment: power circuit breaker, three-phase disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, support insulators, surge arresters;
- Construction of earthing installation;
- Installation of branch connection links and three-phase connections, ASO conductor, compression connectors between 400 kV facilities;
- Redesign of existing panels;
- Production, delivery and installation of control cabinets on the field, relay switchboards and metering panel;
- Delivery, installation and connection of control cables;
- Control measurements, tests and commissioning of the installed equipment.