110/20 kV Substation Lauta – construction of new 110 kV feeder bay


Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD


Plovdiv, Region of Plovdiv

Assigned:August, 2020/ Completed:January 2021

110/20 kV S/st Lauta is an operating electrical Substation, owned by ESO EAD.
Construction of a new 110 kV feeder bay in the 110 kV Switchyard is part of the investment program of Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD, in connection with the construction of a new 110 kV cable line. The new feeder bay for cable connection is erected on the place of an existing back-up bay for aerial feeder.

Works are carried out according to a Detailed Design provided by the Assignor, and include delivery of equipment, execution of construction and electrical works, and final commissioning of the bay.

Scope of activities:

• Dismantle of existing structures and facilities in the 110 kV bay.
• Construction of concrete foundations and installation of steel galvanized structures and new equipment on the concrete foundations. The new equipment includes current and voltage transformers delivered by EL KONTROL, disconnectors and circuit breakers delivered by the Assignor.
• Primary busbar connection of the equipment.
• Laying and connection of power and control cables.
• Assembly and installation of control relay panel and control cabinet, remodeling of existing panels.
• Reconstruction of roads and approaches.
• Reconstruction of cable duct, part of the inner fence.
• Construction of lighting installation, earthing installation and lightning-protection installation.
• Control tests and commissioning of the new feeder bay.